Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Got New Domains for Christmas

Wow I just got 4 cool new domains for Christmas. Now I guess I gotta go to work on them.

The new home of my affiliate website Bills Computer Deals, which will be updated with a brand new, more user friendly theme.
The new home of my other affiliate site Gadget Kingdom, which will be renamed with a new theme also.
This goes with iGadgetDeals. A community portal for Gadget enthusiasts. If I can ever figure out how to get dolphin working. I may even have to buy a community package and outsource a programmer for this one. So it might be awhile :-)
I created this to sell the natural jewelry designs my Wife and I create. You can see an example of the stuff we create at the test blog I just made: http://aestheticnaturals.blogspot.com
I think you will like our designs. We like them so much we're going to turn this little hobby into a full time internet business ASAP.

So now I own six domains including:

I'm so excited! I can't wait to install and configure wordpress for my new domains!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Important Updates.

I just got finished updating my other sites and there's lot's of cool stuff and some great deals on computers and gadgets to check out for Christmas.

Hurry though because the killer prices I posted today won't last long.

And if you have signed up for this blog but haven't signed up for strangeandcool yet here is the link for that site.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Time Travelling Dreams

I had a wierd dream last night. I think I've had it before. It's very strange and complicated but Im gonna try to write it down.

Well, first I dreamed about some rich guy named George Looney. I think I've had that one before too. anyways that ones not important. But I think the other one is important for some reason.

Here goes:

It starts out with me in the bathroom in this big nice building and an alarm sounds. Then I walk out into the hall and I'm walking down the hall, I have a bag in my hand with something important in it (don't know what it is). Well I hear the alarm and I start to run, then I see the security officers behind me so I stop because I dont wanna look suspicious running with the alarm on. Then I see this guy in front of me start to run like hell so I turn to the guard and tell him about the guy so they start to chase him.

Then I found out the building is gonna blow up so I run out the door. I dropped my bag in the front lawn and kept running to a safe distance and I turn around and this lady is running past my bag so I ask her to grab it for me so she does and she stops right where I am and we both get down and I say "cover your head the buildings gonna blow" so she does. Then we hear a large explosion and I feel the heat from the building blowing up.

After the explosion we get up and walk around a bit and there are ppl running around everywhere all confused so I turned to her and told her we needed to stay together and not get lost and she agrees. So we walk over to this place with iron gates and look over at the building and for some wierd reason the building is back to it's original state.

But when I looked closer I could see swirls of light and what looked like a heat signature coming from the top of the building and then parts of it kind of fade in and out of reality a little and I asked her if she saw it and she said yes. She said "Oh no! I can't believe this is happening again" and I said what? she said "the time warp thing! It's happening again" and Im like what the hell are you talking about Lady? and she says "this has been happening to me all my life. A building blows up and then poof! It's like it never happened. I have a baby and it's like poof it never happened. I lost five years of my life because of this shit and those assholes fucking with my head". and I said what assholes and she said "THEM! The ones who have the device." and I said what device and she said. "time travel isnt a physical reality they alter you brainwave patterns and it sets you in a different time for brief periods but sometimes you don't come out of it and sometimes you do". and I asked her "and this device you're talking about is that what causes it"? and she said "Yes, they point it at your brain from a long distance away and it changes your whole life forever."

The she pointed over to this iron fence with a gate and it's kind of attached to a building like a jail, you know to keep people out. And she said "You see those argoyles?" and I looked an there were these huge freaking gargoyles flying around inside peering out at us. She said that's part of the time dilation. We wouldn't be able to see those if we hadn't got hit with the radiation from that device. Then one of them got out and landed right in front of us showing his teeth and snarling so we ran the other way. I was scared.

Anyways I got lost while I was running and then I was walking down this sidewalk with shops and stuff next to it and I picked up this book off the sidewalk about time travel. Then I saw the girl again and she seemed kind of drunk. The funny thing is I knew what was going to happen from that moment on for some reason. I said "you found a bottle of brandy and drank it didnt you"? and she said "Yea how did you KNOW that"? and I said I don't know but I know what's going to happen next too and she said "what"? Then I told her that we would meet a man at the next shop that could help us out. So she followed me into the shop.

Well we walked in and there was this old man who owned the place and there was this dude sitting in a chair that looked like Brad Pitt and she asked me "is that him"? and I said no he's not here yet.

So the old man turned on the TV and what really struck me kinda funny was that the TV looked like an old 1940's model black and white and the shows were from a long long time ago like we were in the 1940's.

Anyways this guy dressed in all black came to the door so I opened it and he had pure black eyes, black all over, so I slammed the door in his face and he stuck his hand through the mail slot and I broke his finger. I bent it all the way backwards as far as it would go and he screamed like a girl and he finally retracted his hand. Then he stuck his hand in again and I did the same thing. This happened about 4 times, one for each finger and each time I snapped another one of his
fingers. Then we didnt hear anything for a few minutes and this guy shouted at us through the door and he said "let me in, I am the guy you have been waiting for." I knew it was him so I opened the door. As soon as he got inside he loooked at me and asked "where's the bag?" So I handed him the bag I was carrying and then he said "where's the book?" So I handed him the book I found on the sidewalk.

He pulled out whatever was in the bag and it was very odd looking. It had electronic circuits in the back of it and it looked like it had a tubular aluminum casing.

The casing had electrodes at one end and a coil of copper wire around the end of it near the electrodes and it had this wierd glass looking tubular ring encircling it attached by aluminum rods that came out of the main casing and they were inserted into the glass tubing. It looked like it had electrodes on the end of the rods too. Then he smashed the TV and took out some tubes and stuff from it and wired them up the the device and he hooked it to the power cord coming from the wall and it lit up like one of those lightening ball thingies they have at spencers.

He turned to me and said "We're only missing a couple things". and I said what the hell are you doing? He said "I'm gonna give them a taste of their own medicine all we need is some plutonium for portable power and a rotating magnetic field so we can turn the energy into gravity waves. We also need a very large capacitor and some high power resistors so we can tune it to the frequency of the human brain and then we're all set".

So then I started asking him more questions. I asked him where he was from and what this was all about and he said he was from the year 2036 and that the army had learned how to manipulate time and space and their plan was to come back to the past and make it where they had more control over the people at an earlier period so that the technology would be in their hands only because the man who invented the device was ME and I had released the plans to elite group of friends who formed an orginization and had devised a code of ethics for the use of the technology and devised a plan to keep the information from the government at all costs so a paradox would not be created by careless ndividuals or our government.. He said that the government infilitrated our facilities by force and killed over half of the team. They stole the technology and started using it to travel back in time for their own evil purposes and accidentally created a paradox by trying to kill me in the explosion at that building that I was in. He said that reality had now been transformed into something not as solid as it used to be and that people who are affected by the paradox would see things fading in and out of reality and would lose their concept of time. (which was what seemed to be happening to me and this chick I was hanging out with).

So we left the room and started down the alleyway again. Then we went around a few corners and ended up in another alley. This alley had some sort of big ass chair looking thing in it and the guy told me to get in. So I got in and started doing the straps up and he handed me the device and told me to stick it in the slot to my right and grab ahold of the railings on the side of the chair. Then I remember the thing powering up and making a whole bunch of noise and lighting uo like christmas. It was doing something strange to my perception and I felt like something was wrong.

The rest of the dream gets kind of foggy from here. All I can remember is that we were on a mission to find some missing components that we needed and we knew there would be trouble along the way. And then the phone rang and woke me up.

Wierd huh?
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