Monday, January 12, 2009

The Perils Of Pizza Delivery Driver

First off I'd like to say that if you have ever ordered pizza delivery in your life then you need to visit this website

Does the pizza guy deserve a tip like your waiter or waitress? Sure they do! They deserve even more of a tip if you ask me.

We have to work on our own cars, we pay outrageous prices for gas, , we risk our life for 20 - 30 hours a week driving next to crazy drivers who don't pay attention or even know where they're going, we venture into dangerous parts of town late at night and WE have families to feed too.

The truth is Drivers perform a dangerous service by bringing dinner to your door. They take on financial costs and difficulties, more than most people realize. Pizza delivery is considered a hazardous job by the US government. They are third most likely to be murdered on the job, right after police officer and taxi driver.

Check this article out about how a Pizza Hut employee got FIRED for protecting himself from a robber / potential murderer:

Pizza Hut Does Not Value Life
By Dave Gibson (06/28/04)

Last month, a Pizza Hut deliveryman Ronald Honeycutt foiled a robbery attempt. When his assailant pointed a 9mm handgun at him, the deliveryman shot and killed him. The next day, Pizza Hut fired Honeycutt.

Around 11p.m. on May 17, 2004 Honeycutt had just made a delivery in a very rough part of Indianapolis. He walked back to his van, where he was approached by Jerome Brown-Dancler. The would-be robber aimed his gun at Honeycutt, at which time he drew his own 9mm and squeezed off the entire clip. After Brown-Dancler fell, Honeycutt picked up the assailant's weapon and drove back to the Pizza Hut. Upon his arrival, he instructed a manager to phone police.

Honeycutt has a concealed weapons permit, and claims to have carried a handgun for every one of the last twenty years that he has been delivering pizzas. Indianapolis prosecutors quickly cleared him of any charges. Deputy Prosecutor Barb Crawford said: "He did what the law allows him to do to protect himself." Crawford went on to say: "This was late at night. This was a high-crime area. He (Honeycutt) left because he wasn't sure whether or not Brown-Dancler had any friends with. As it turns out, he did indeed have friends with him. They left when they heard shots fired."

It is obvious that Ronald Honeycutt acted in self-defense and was clearly within his rights to do so. It is also obvious that had he not been carrying a weapon--he could have easily been killed. He is with his family today, as a result of his constitutional right to keep and bear arms. However, Pizza Hut apparently would rather have their employees gunned down, than allow them to defend themselves.

Pizza delivery personnel are a favorite target of armed robbers. They are alone, in a strange neighborhood, they are carrying at least a small amount of cash, and they are probably not armed. In short, they are extremely vulnerable and more than likely, not present a challenge to the assailant. Pizza Hut even goes so far as to announce that their employees are not allowed to carry weapons...This action basically places a target squarely upon the backs of their delivery drivers.

Honeycutt's dismissal has not gone un-noticed by Indianapolis residents. Pizza Hut has reportedly received many complaints and business is down.

Indianapolis attorney Rick Whitham told World Net Daily: " I hope that those of you in the media will realize the incredible unfairness of a huge company telling it's employees--in essence--they must agree to die for the company, rather than use legal, reasonable means to defend themselves." He went on to describe Pizza Hut's actions as "clear discrimination against those who choose to lawfully exercise a legal, heavily regulated right."

Whitham also wrote to Pizza Hut, saying: "I don't spend my money with businesses that openly discriminate against people such as myself who understand that the police have no affirmative duty to protect any particular citizen and that no company is worth dying for--particularly yours."

Well said Mr. Whitham!

I am not aware of any law that allows the United States Constitution to be suspended, upon one's acceptance by any employer. I imagine that Pizza Hut has chosen to 'ban' their employees from arming themselves because of insurance reasons. Or perhaps, Pizza Hut has deemed it politically-incorrect for an employee to defend his or herself. To date, they have given no reason for their seemingly ridiculous decision.

According to the National Rifle Association, firearms are used over two million times a year for personal protection. The fact is that armed citizens prevent crime. Period.

Personally, as long as I am alive--I will choose to defend myself and my family. Every American citizen has that same right. Furthermore, I will also choose not to spend another cent of my hard-earned money at Pizza Hut. Anyone who values innocent life as well as the wishes of our founding fathers...Will do the same.

For more info about what kind of crap the pizza guy goes through just so you can insult him by not giving him a decent tip go read this website:

They even have a tip calculator so you will know how much to give for a gratuity.

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