Friday, February 22, 2008

Check Out Our eBay Auctions

We just started listing a whole batch of new items from our new jewelry shop on eBay.

A few more items will continue to roll in over the next week so check back here or at our hand crafted artisan jewelry blog at often to see what’s new.

We have a couple of really nice art wrap pendants going up this week plus some glass lampwork necklaces and a few items we found in our suppliers warehouse that are really cool.

Below is a widget that displays the auctions that we have currently running. It updates automatically so you can check back in a couple days and there will be new items.

Scroll Your Mouse Over The Pictures To See Detailed Information About That Item

Monday, February 4, 2008

Wow someone posted to cbox! And Deathclock Rules! Tick Tock, Tick Tock ,Tick Tock!!

I am shocked and amazed! Someones actually posted a message to my cbox. Insane! It's the widget labeled SHOUTBOX in the right hand sidebars. I don't think anyones but me has posted to dat things in months.

Cheer ups though! There's somethings cool going ons.

A New Metalocalypse Episode! Are you into sick, twisted, funny cartoons? Do you watch adult swim? Well I usually work till like 3 in the morning so I do watch it. It's about the only thing on at that hour and I found the sickest, rockinest, bloodiest, stupidest, funniest show EVER. My wife likes to watch it too.

It's Metalocalypse! Yea! I'm sure you've heard of it and we've been watching it every since it came on adult swim.

Deathclock is the brutalest and coolest sounding metal band ever! I didn't really realized this untils I hooked up my big stereos amp to my TV the other days. The theme song cames on and I was like "Oh mans! Dat sounds really really good! Oh yea!"

I loves da way dey talks too! Man it is so funny listening to them have a conversation. They talk like stupid idots (hmm kind of like the way me and my friends used to talk in high school LoL :-) and it's so funny because they say the stupidest thing in the stupidest way possible. You might have noticed my typo's earlier in the post well they kind of talk like that. If you don't know you need to go watch the show and laugh your ass off with us.

They have a link to the show and some behind the scenes stuff and a bit about how the show is created each week. They even have a guitar lesson about how to play the theme song. :-) The guys who create this are geniuses (and pretty good musicians too). I am so impressed by the way they recorded the music for this show I'm thinking about getting the CD. It sounds so good on my 350 watt stereo. As good or better than most artist recordings today. They must either have a heck of an awesome studio or they hired someone that does.

Anyways if you're a fan of death metal this is the ultimate show.

Click this link to go to the website:

There's no schedule posted that I can see. All I can tell you is to watch Adult Swim and try to catch the schedule.

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