Saturday, June 14, 2008

Where the hell is Bill?

Well I must be the lamest blogger ever. I haven't posted here in four months!

So I guess some people are wondering what the heck happened to me. (or not)

I've been playing MMORPG's!

It started with Pirates Of The Caribbean Online. I played for about a month and finally upgraded to paid and played for another month and got bored with it. Then I got to searching for other MMORPG's and found Star Wars Galaxies so now I'm addicted to Star Wars.

I've been playing SWG for about 2 months now and I have a lvl 65 Jedi and a lvl 25 Engineer. The game is so addictive that I haven't done ANYTHING on the computer except play for 2 months straight! I haven't even updated my computer site, haven't made (or sold) any jewelry, haven't made any new video's, nothing!

These games should be illegal! It's more addictive than drugs! But it's better because it keeps me safe at home where I can't spend any money except 15 bucks a month for access. :-)

Anyway if your into Star Wars go check it out.

It's a whole lot of good clean fun and the people are awesome.

I am on the Chilastra server and my Characters name is Sumok if you're interested in coming over and checking it out.

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