Friday, July 13, 2007

My best friend in the whole world. :-)

Everyone loves their pets and my wife and I are no exception. Our pets are spoiled rotten. :-)

This is Dammit. Yes his name is Dammit. I named him that because I knew I was going to end up calling him that anyways. You know: C'mere Dammit! Shut-Up Dammit! Dammit! Sit Down! Well, you get the idea. :-)

We call him Boo Boo most of the time especially around kids unless we really need to get his attention then we call him by name. He usually straightens up when he hears that.

He's half brindle pit and half black lab. His mother was a full blooded brindle pit and his father was a black lab.

His disposition is mild. He hardly ever barks unless it's an emergency or if someone is pulling in the driveway.

He's great around children and he's pretty smart. He'll be five years old in Feb. 2008.

Boo Boo likes to flea nip the cats. I think he thinks they are his puppies. LoL :-)

He lets the Kitten Sammy pounce on his face and then he just nudges him away with his nose real gently. It's great fun to watch. :-) They are both ham bones.

When I get some pics of Sammy I'll upload them. He's so small. He's about as big as Boo Boo's nose right now. :-)

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