Saturday, July 14, 2007

View My Everyday Life on YouTube

I'm excited. I browsed by youtube today to check on my rarely used account and I accidentally figured out how to upload video from my RzR directly to YouTube. This is cool. I tried doing this before but something was wrong and I couldn't get it to upload. Yay it's fixed.

There is one drawback though. My phone's video quality kinda sucks AND it only lets me record 10 sec clips. But they do have audio so that's cool.

A quick note to my Mom: You should subscibe to this stuff Mom you will get a kick out of it. :-)

Okay anyways for anyone who wants to subscribe all you need to get a free youtube account if you don't already have one. And then just subscribe to my channel:
Click Here -->

You should also subscribe to the feed on this blog via email using the feedburner form the in sidebar if you want updates from this blog. --->


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