Sunday, July 29, 2007

Well I like the video camera Shirley got me.

She got a cheaper JVC camera. The JVC GR-D347U.

It does almost everything my $700 camera did and I can use my old DV tapes in it. It plugged right into the firewire and my computer detected it no problem.

Here you'll see that has one of the next models up from mine the JVC GRD770 which has more zoom and better features than mine. The reason refuses to show the price is that it's so ridiculously low that the manufacture doesn't want them to display it.

But I checked and I can tell you this camera wasn't much more than 200 bucks. Click on the picture to see the real price.

So since I got my camera I've been playing with Windows Movie Maker alot lately. I hate it. It sucks! You can't do overlays or make your own transitional effects. It's hard to time your editing to music. It's just a sucky program.

I tried to install my old copy of Ulead Media Studio Pro 5 but with all the new media file formats out nowadays it won't recognize anything on my hard drive. It won't even capture video because it doesn't recognize the codecs.

So I've been looking at Ulead Media Studio 8 and it's only 200 bucks so I think I'm gonna go for that. I already know how to use it and I love the interface anyways.

I'm planning on using the camera to help my friend Michelle build a Vlog for her horseback riding/training buisiness, among other things :-). She trains people to ride horses and takes people on trail rides. She even trains their horses for them if they want.

I'm also gonna be playing around with making my own videos. Some will be comedic, some dramatic. I might do some mock up commercials and I may try to do a short film soon with my own music that I created with Jeskola Buzz and my guitars.

We'll see what happens.


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