Sunday, August 19, 2007

The 7 P's

In an attempt to get to know his fellow bloggers, Bucky at The WVb - a blog about everything and nothing created this meme entitled "The 7 P's."

-Well, thanks to Jos at NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection), this meme has found it's way to Spiral Butterfly.
-And, thanks to Spiral Butterly this meme has found it's way to me.

Instructions: Fill out the 7 P's and post them in an entry at your own blog.
Tag 5 blogs that you read on a regular basis.
Link back to the blog that tagged you

So here are my 7 P's:

1. Passion - love, writing, making music, making people think, making people laugh
2. Purpose - To learn from my mistakes and help others learn from theirs
3. Pursuit - To build income in the quickest and easiest possible way so I can spend more time with my wife and family.
4. Position - Husband, grandson, breadwinner, protector
5. Pummeling - procrastination
6. Progress - Affecting people in a good way everywhere I go.
7. Personality - Silly, thoughtful, playful, charming, funny, sarcastic, open minded, prompt, meticulous, smart, coordinated, quick learner.

I am tagging the following bloggers:

1. The Ordinary Mystic at "The Ordinary Mystic"
2. Aayush at "Blogging Den"
3. Lesley at "The Debris Field"
4. Aura at "Encounters With The Unexplained"
5. Rand at "My Paranormal Life"

SpiralButterFly Has Tagged These Bloggers:

1. Bill at "My Everyday Life"
2. Susan at "Social Networking"
3. Tabitha at "The Life and a day in the thoughts of TJ"
4. Groovy Granny at "Psychadelicatessen"
5. Orbital Moon at "Orbital Moon's Mind Portal" - (which also happens to be my husband)

We look forward to reading all your responses to this meme!


SpiralButterfly said...

Hey Bill,

Yes, you did just fine, (but you didn't need to put the people I tagged, but it's perfectly alright...I'm sure they enjoy their links being spread around...hehe!).

Some people hate being tagged, but I like memes like these, because it helps us to help each other get more exposure to our blogs. And it helps us to get to know each other better. I used to blog at Yahoo 360, but I felt so limited because only people who had Yahoo 360 accounts could comment on your blogs.

Now that I'm at, I am meeting a much more diverse bunch of bloggers, and I'm enjoying so much more.

You seem like such a cool cat, and I have subscribed to the majority of your blogs, so I can stay updated with what's going on with you, and what kind of groovy weird stuff you find. :)

Take care, Bill!

Jos said...

A great Post, Bill! And thanks for the mention. I believe this is a very nice meme and you picked up on it in a very nice way!
Your P's will allow your readers to 'identify' with your blog and make them feel 'at home' a bit.
Thanks for participating and thanks for sharing!
Take Care! - Jos:)

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