Monday, August 20, 2007

The Salvia Divinorum Experience Episode 03 : With commentary about the experience at the end.

Bill Finally Jumps Through The Stargate For The First Time.

Well I took the leap. Went down the rabbit hole. Jumped through the stargate or whatever you wanna call it, and it was a pretty amazing experience to say the very least.

I went into this looking at it as a learning experience. It didn't hurt, my brain is still exactly like it was before I did it. Except I may be a little more enlightened because of it. And it didn't last very long. It WAS a bit scary when I started to come back though.

The video starts off with me taking Salvia and going into a pretty amazing trip. Then after I come down I explain most of what I can remember of my perceptions while being influenced by the plant. There's also lot's of interesting commentary and some info about Salvia etiquette that some of the younger people who are abusing Salvia should know.

I plan on writing about my experience in a little more detail pretty soon. But not tonight. It took me 4 hours to edit the video so I am going to go to bed and will probably write more about my experience in a day or so.

Meanwhile Enjoy The Video!



Chris said...

Wow Bill, you did it! Nice addition of 'salvia etiquette', too. Looking forward to more commentary on the experience. I'm noticing that, while the experiences seem to fall into definite categories, each person's experience with Salvia is unique- as if we each have our own lessons to learn. I'm still trying to figure out mine. Take care.

SpiralButterfly said...

Geez, are very brave. I've always wanted to go there, but have never had the guts. Kudos, my friend!

Bill said...

Thanks for the comments you guys. It was a strange experiencee and I'm working on trying to get time to write it down. I've been pretty busy lately though so I think I'm going to get some rest first.

Kelly B said...

Hey Bill. I was hanging out at one of my favorite forums and a thread was posted asking if anyone had had any experiences with Salvia Divinorum so I posted the links to all three episodes and one to your SalviaDivinorumTV blog, so you will probably get quite a few hits this evening, depending on how many people are interested. Here's the link to the thread:

I post as "Cameron" on there and my post is on the 2nd page of the thread.

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