Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm obsessed with blogging widgets!!!

Someone please help me I have apparently become obsessed with blogging widgets and now I'm confused! Please take these things away from me before I lose an eye!

Does anyone know how many of these things is too much? Has anyone written anything about "widget etiquette" or "how to kick your widget addiction" or anything like that?

I need help. If anyone can answer these questions I'd be willing show my eternal gratefulness by putting your link in my blogroll on this blog and on the Internet Marketing Resource Guide.

What are the most important widgets to place at the top of your blog?

Where should I put my communities and directories widgets?

Does anyone ever get any enjoyment out of the widgetmate news widget or should I trash it?

Do you think This Setup is cool? Is it too cluttered? And if so, then what should I remove?

Any ideas/suggestions ?

Thanks in advance for commenting.



Bill said...

Just a few more tweaks and... and... (twitch)

Bill said...

And now if I can make a header with pics and a logo ... I'll be set for awhile.

Jos said...

Hey Bill! First, thank you for putting my goofy "NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection)" blog on your My Friends list! And thank you for dropping by! I have put your everyday life on my personal favorits list too.
Now your questions. These are though questions, right? Have you done this test? ( That should give you an insight, lol!
I guess the overall answer to your question is: it all depends on where you are with your blog. Some have blogs that look like they don't care how it looks, they just write on it and that's it. Others have blogs that look posh like they were designed to be an artsyfartsy statement about how cool or chique they are, and some look like they match with the content. I would say that if you have a blog about your everyday life, that should be reflected in the looks of the blog.
The hard part is to make choices, right? We all want a blog that looks neat, and in most cases we all are concerned about what our visitors think of it, but that is darn hard to find out about. If you have a blog, you want your readers to be able to identify with it, or even with you. You want them to feel at home. But there is no way to please everybody, so I think you should just stay true to yourself and then hopefully attract an audience that likes that. You'll attract people that are "somewhat similar to you" that way, and I think that is what you should want. If you want to write for people "not similar to you", you should join the advertising industry ;)
These widgets can drive you crazy. They all have different sizes, some need to be centerd, some need left or right alignment, some match with your blog, some don't and then you change the blog to make it match the widget, lol!
And then there's the marketing behind these widgets, they all say: you should do your readers a favour by adding this or that.
Forget it. They don't come to your blog to read google news, they come for you. Like I just did.
Now this comments box is nearly full. Bill, just have a blast with your own blog, and do whatever you feel is right doing. Then people will enjoy visiting it. Like I just did!
Take care & have fun!

Bill said...

Oh wow I just found a moon phases widget...I'm doomed...

Bill said...

I did the Blogging Addiction test and got 78% LoL :-) Sometimes I think it increases exponentially though. Thanks for the great advice, I think I'll take it and just keep having fun like you said.

The widgets are still driving me crazy though. ;-)

I really like the "recent comments" widget. It really makes your blog more interactive and gives people a kind of "at home" feeling. I was worried about people not interacting with the blog because it looked too new. So I've deducted that the recent comments should go at the top on the left (if it's a 3 column layout). That way it loads first and everyone see's everyone elses comments. Awesome.
I'm glad you had fun Jos. and thanks for the advice!

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