Sunday, August 19, 2007

An Update On The Salvia Divinorum Experience with commentary afterwards.

Ok, so I just went over to Brians and did Salvia the right way this time and oh what an experience it was. I caught it all on video and we have lot's of commentary to share with everyone with a few informative insights about the experience and our interpretaion of it.

It was a very enlightening experience to say the least and I hope to convey to you the most truth about it that I can from my point of view.

I am editing the video tonight. I will comment via text overlay in the vid as to what I was experiencing at that particular time in the vid. After the video I plan to write a short story explaining my experience as far as I can remember in order to help enlighten some people about what Salvia Divinorum is really meant for.

Stay Tuned!



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