Saturday, September 1, 2007

I've Discovered How To Install Wordpress On My Domain.

So I made a little money, bought a couple of domain names yesterday, downloaded Wordpress and to my surprize it was pretty easy to install on my host.

So now I have another addiction. :-)

The hard part is trying to find a template that I like and what's even harder is editing the templates to customize the site the way I want it. Word press theme's are made entirely with stylesheets so I guess I have to learn how to edit CSS now because the images, fonts and colors on the templates I like are all wrong.

This is going to take some time to learn. I already learned a little last night just by playing around with the tags. Everyone writes stylesheets so differently from each other that it's hard to figure out just what the heck is going on.

I've done quite a bit of html which I thought would help, but stylesheets are so totally different from html that I'm going to have to re-learn everything I thought I knew about coding for the web.

I know I'm probably way behind the times here. I've been editing html for over 6 years and here I am JUST NOW learning how to edit stylesheets, but I better do it because stylesheets make content management super easy. Once you get your stylesheets set up then all you have to do is write your pages and your posts. Awesome!

So I may not be posting as much here and on Strange And Cool in the near future. I will post as much as I can while I work on the other sites though, and all my updates on this new little project will be posted here.

I may ask my subscribers and link buddies to update their RSS links and blogroll links to point to the new site if you guys don't mind. I really hate to do that but I feel like I need to establish my blog on a real hosted domain instead of at blogger. What if blogger bites the dust one day or decides to sell out? All my content is gone. eeek!

At least I know that if I have my blog on my own domain I won't lose my content. :-) Not that I have any super valuable content or anything but It's mine, I worked hard to write it, and I'd like to keep it. :-) Besides, I usually look back on old content after about 2 months to help me learn about my own mistakes. I need it so I can improve on my writing.

If any of you guys have done this before or have any suggestions or advice for me about this I'd surely appreciate it.

And to all the great friends I've made in the past couple of months I'd like to say thank you and that all of you guys are awesome! Everyone's links will be ported over to the new site and I will contact you as soon as the move happens.

After I get the Wordpress blog set up I may upgrade the hosting account and build a community site on the domain. Not sure of a good community theme to go along with Strange And Cool yet though. Got any ideas?

Well that's it for now.
Thanks everyone!


P.S. If you would like to keep tabs on the new site, it's at
Theme's and layouts will probably change daily till I find one I like. There's a billion of them. :-)

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