Monday, September 3, 2007

The New Strange And Cool is Done!

The new Strange And Cool site is finally finished!

The new site is powered by WordPress and has a totally new look and feel. It's hosted on it's own domain and the feed has been redirected so nobody has to re-subscribe. There is even a new comments feed on the site for anyone interested.

I will be selecting my favorite posts from the old Strange And Cool at blogger and posting one each day along with regularly scheduled posts onto the new site for awhile.

From here on out I am going to try and stay away from just posting links to news and other blog posts. If I do need to post links to news or other posts I will most likely write a review and summary of the material before linking to it in order to increase the readability and value of my posts. Sources of information and news will be mentioned and linked to in the summary.

I hope you guys like the new blog. I worked really hard on it for the past week and I think WordPress is awesome. I'm really impressed with the look and functionality of it.

My Blogroll is already transferred over to the new site so anyone who has me in their blogroll please update your links to when you have time.

I may send you a message in a week to remind you if that's okay. :-)

Have fun!


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