Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Well life sucks sometimes... (virus alert!)

...and things happen that we didn't expect or that we weren't prepared for. I got a virus the other day after 5 years of being totally clean.

I got it by downloading what I thought was a codec to play a video. I downloaded the file "Video Access Codec v1.4" from a site I thought had a video of some information I was looking for. After it installed it did actually play the video (which turned out to be porn by the way!) It also installed the trojan "trojan.w32.looksky".

So this thing installs a virus through a working video codec then it puts links on your desktop to paid programs that remove trojans and viruses! It also pops up windows with links to the programs about every 30 freakin seconds without you even having to be online! So avoid this at all costs. It's not easy to remove and I think the cleaner program messed up my windows.

I finally got my hard drive cleaned. So I am virus free now but some parts of Windows XP aren't working like the device manager and some other tools so it looks like I'm going to have to re-install everything! Aaaaaaack!!! I've got like 30 or 40 programs and utilities so this might take awhile :-) I'm just kind of glad all my Data is ok.


Bill said...

Well I guess I'll be reformatting my hard drive now :-( But at least I'll have a cleaner, faster system and more room to store files. :-)

Chris said...

Yeah, that sucks. Though I admit I'm not as careful as I should be, and I've had to reinstall Windows on occasion. It's a good opportunity to clean things up and speed up your system, though, as you've said.

SpiralButterfly said...

Yeah, but it still sucks, don't it? Been there, done that. Hopefully I won't need to do it again for a while. (Knock on wood). It's been almost a year now, and trojans seem to be coming in quite frequently of late...but my AV is catching them and getting rid of them. (At least I hope it's catching all of them) :\ Good're in for the long haul reinstalling everything.

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