Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Okay time for an update.

Well, I lost my former, ahem, job, if you can call it that and I got a new one the very same day! HA! So there! Anyways, it's a job. But enough about the boring stuff.

I got a new camera! It's a wireless spycam with a 4 channel receiver. So now I can order more cams and make a nice little security system.

I didn't get it to be used as a security system at all though. I got it so I could make a "hat cam" and record stuff like me fixing electronics. I was thinking about starting to build bots again and work on some other things I have yet to finish. I was thinking about maybe documenting some of it on video for the web. Not sure when that is going to be yet though.

I really want one for my F27 Stryker. It would be cool to fly it via the camera. It'd be like flying from the cockpit. Awesome! I can't do that yet though. The 1 mile transmitters are WAY too expensive for me right now until I can get settled with my new job and new truck and everything. Plus I need to get Shirley a car. I need a new computer (this one's old). That'll set us back a couple months. We're also trying to have a baby. That'll prolly set us back a couple dozen years. LoL :-) But we both want a boy. Wish us luck!

So I got a new job and I got a new camera. Sweet! Things are looking pretty good right now. I also pulled 2 checks from linkshare this month. Sales are going up. I was shocked. I sold like almost 3 thousand dollars worth of merchandise in the past 2 months using these blogs.
Computers Killer Deals Gadgets

By the way there are some pretty good deals going on right now, you should check them out. I bought 3 items from my distributors just this week. One was the wireless video camera for 60 bucks and I had to get a new HD and a DVD burner for my home computer (this one). The 320 GB HD was $89.99 and I got the DVD burner for 20 bucks which is a killer price.

For some reason my sidebar content is out of whack on the blogs though. I'm thinking it's the third party servers they are hosted on. I will give them a couple days and if they aren't fixed I will change the content. The deals are still there. I just posted some more today. Some of them will expire soon though.

Just about a month before Christmas time there should be some really good deals on computers and electronics stuff on the blogs. The best time of year to shop though is probably right AFTER Christmas.

For anyone who doesn't know what linkshare is it's a free affiliate network like Commission Junction or You join linkshare for free and they hook you up with merchants that let you advertise their product on your website. Then they pay linkshare a commission and in turn linkshare pays you a comission. You can actually make some money this way if you set things up right. If you're interested in joining linkshare for free click here.

Okay I don't mean to sound like a salesman but I made some money this month and sales seem to be going up so I'm kind of excited and I just wanted to tell you guys about linkshare and the cool little checks they send me.

It's nice to get a check in the mail a couple of times a month for doing something you love to do anyway (like blogging).

So that's what's been happening in my life lately. I like my new job and we have some pretty good plans for the future. Everything looks pretty good.

I'll probably post a short video of some stuff I captured on my aiptek camera this week if I get time. Maybe thursday since I'm off work that day.

Ya'll be good

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